Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Can you see it?


I fell hard off the wagon.

Five days in Washington, DC, eating out, the kids at home for 4 more and then Easter. I did not log my food the way I should have. I did not plan my meals and I ate things that were not on program. Candy, no portion control, late night snacking, it's not good for weight loss, no matter how much you exercise.

I gained 5 pounds?! FULL DISCLOSURE and I won't offer any excuses. I ate - I gained.

THAT SAID.... I am BACK. I went to WW this morning, knowing full well that I was going to show a gain. In the past, this *blip* could have been my downfall. I would have delayed going to weigh in another week (so that I could be REALLY good and lose by the next one). That 3 week break would cause me to question why I was spending money on WW if I wasn't committed, and I would talk myself into cancelling my account until I got my act together.... I would lose focus, gain back what I lost, and the stupid circle would start all over again.... This time was different.

The meeting was all about recommitting and being accountable. One exercise that they started last week was the TRAVELING food journal. It's a 3 month tracker that a member takes home logs food and returns at the next meeting. Everyone gets a chance and feedback so far has been positive. In other groups they've had perfect weight loss for all that participated.... I will be among them come next week. It's my turn (Actually I asked for it!!)

I weighed in, and since I was way early - I decided to go for a walk, which became a 2.4 mile run. No speed records were set, but I did it and I may add a few more this afternoon to make sure I do all the mileage on the training plan. Because - yes, I am doing the WORCESTER HALF MARATHON on June 5. I've completed long runs of 5, 6 and 7 miles. This weekend will be 9 miles. The coolest thing training this time is that I have done all of my runs without walk breaks - NONE. It is a first for me and has been a huge psychological barrier busted... I really can RUN! and I think I might actually be enjoying it....

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