Friday, April 15, 2011

So, Where Was I ?

I started a post last week and quickly became distracted... This past week included parties and cancer and running and yelling and biting and running and working and packing...

I logged my food and weighed 175.2 - I haven't been 175 since ... twenty years....??? I can't believe how fast the time has gone by... really just a blink.

So... yesterday I had a case of needing to eat EVERYTHING...Like I know I ate all of my weekly point allotment and we're going to DC tomorrow morning.... Car trip, restaurants... I hope I can maintain! I am going to try my best to exercise, swim and run... Everything is at my disposal - gym,lap pool and a great running route around the National Mall. I have no excuses.

And I do have goals. I am seriously considering a half marathon June 5th. I will need to run 6 miles Sunday to keep on the training plan...I ran 5 last Saturday without stopping - a major accomplishment. I haven't done that ever!!! Amazing what 15 pounds off can do!! Another goal is to reach 10% loss by the end of the month. It's really just 5 pounds to go -a small amount, but knowing how slow I lose... It will be hard work... but OH SO WORTH IT! Reasons to keep on TRACK!!!

P.S. I bought a size medium top and size 12 pants - that fit!! Yeah ME!!

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