Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally Friday

It has been an exceptionally long 5 days and I can't wait to declare it the weekend. My kids have transitioned from being passengers in my life to taking it over. I knew it was coming and I joked - but the idea of just being a driver and a cook and a bank for the next 10+ years is still a tough pill to swallow some days. Today after a full day of work I will pick up two kids from 2 different schools, drive 20 miles to 4H (of course the car will be stocked with their barn gear, snacks and basketball gear for later). We'll fly out of 4H for a basketball game (a team I coach) that starts at 6, and then come home praying that the dog didn't have an accident, make dinner, take showers and hopefully not fight our way to bed.

I am getting a better picture of why I have a hard time getting to the gym more than I do.

We've got a 4 day weekend coming up (because winter break 2 weeks ago was just not long enough). I am running Saturday morning and I am actually going to try and get to the gym for weights and *maybe* a swim. Of course that will happened only if I can convince my husband to drive an hour to my youngest's horseback riding lesson, because we have 2 more basketball games later in the afternoon. I really never have a day off.

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