Sunday, January 15, 2012

Follow the Plan

I have to work this afternoon so that I can take Tuesday off to be with the kids on their teacher professional day. I am so glad to be done with all of the 'chores' of the weekend like 4-H and basketball and hooking up my mom's new TV... so work this afternoon will be relaxing in comparison to all the running around. I also really wanted to get to the gym, but it probably won't happen until tomorrow morning when my plan is to get a morning for ME while my kids sleep late. The stars need to align...

I've logged 90% of my food this week and I am working on sticking to the plan. I was reminded by a reading at church this morning that my body isn't mine; it's a temple to God. Now I am not religious, but I do agree that taking care of our bodies is something we owe to our loved ones and the greater community. I wonder if hearing this today is some sort of sign for me to GET IT TOGETHER?

I went out to my sisters to run yesterday and spread open across her kitchen table were Nutrisystem journals neatly and meticulously filled out. She's doing the plan with her husband, and this week she lost 4.5 lbs. I am happy for her loss, but I'm also jealous. I can see the obvious. If you follow ANY weight loss plan, you will lose weight. Weekends are not easy for me, but I am doing the best I can to keep within my points. I don't have a working scale right now, but I feel like I will lose something come Wednesday. I really just wish I could get into a groove so it wouldn't seem so hard...

I've run three times this week and hope to get 2 more before the weigh in. I ran 4 miles yesterday with an average of 11:44 per mile. It would be great to work on speed for now and add the miles later when we train for June's half marathon. It would be great to be 10lbs lighter - I am sure it would make that goal a lot easier, and be better for my joints. No injuries, but the aches and pains are much more noticiable... I am getting older - I am going to be 46 in a few months!

Lots to think about, lots to do.

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