Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My One Week Challenge is On!!

Went to WW this morning at -12 points and *surprise* I gained a pound!! Shocking I know... The woman who has been weighing me in for the past month just punches the screen and sticks the sticker into my book without a word... I think she just doesn't know what to say. Five straight weeks of gains and the stupid thing is I have NO EXCUSE. I ate too much and I am not doing enough cardio.

I don't need any help. I know how to calculate points and I know how to stay on track... If there was a motivation pill I would buy it, but there is not so I have to DO or DO NOT all on my own. I will take things one day at a time and aim for a better weigh in next week. Full disclosure - 182.

I went shopping. I bought only things that are healthy. I bought nothing "for the kids". I chopped veggies for hummus and made soup in the crockpot for dinner; 0 point veggie. I need to make a better effort to not eat after dinner (sweets). I need to consider point totals BEFORE I make my meal choices. I need to get to the gym.

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