Friday, April 13, 2012


Last day of school before April vacation. My #1 daughter began her morning in typical fashion -- grumpy, rude (very rude) and demanding. I bite my tongue so as not to add fuel the fire and I am thankful that she is gone for the day. I hope it will be better for her and the people she encounters.

My youngest has picture day. WHY do they have to take 2 sessions of photos... We have enough bad photos! and $47??? Really?? Once a year is plenty, thank you very much. Not to meantion the impending drama storm. I hear drawers slamming...

I am going to practice my ZEN. I am going to control what I can and let go of the rest. I do love my family and so I will focus on the good and keep going. I've heard that eventually it gets easier... .

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