Sunday, December 16, 2012

Merry Merry Merry Merry ....

Merry Christmas...

Another year is nearly gone. I am not where I wanted to be when I made my plans at the start of 2012, but  I will not wait for another New Years Eve. I decided to make some major changes and I expect that my life is going to be very different, very soon. Some of what I am doing is self assessment; an introspective of sorts, and the other is obviously DIET.

I won't weigh myself.
Nothing sweet will pass my lips.
No bread, potatoes, rice or beans.
I will eat only when I am hungry
I will eat protein (and my protein must have eyes), and I will eat carbs but only when I eat protein. When the protein is gone the meal is over...
I will not drink wine - only vodka if necessary

I'm on day 5. I was at a family Christmas party yesterday and was 100% on program. There were cupcakes and sugar cookies, bottles of wine, pasta, and I ate nothing... In fact, I left hungry and ate when I got home.
AMAZING. I was not tempted AT ALL. Hypnosis works!!

My aunt is down 7 sizes and my cousin who started in September is down three sizes. I imagine where I will be in April... I hope that therapy will keep up with the diet to create a new me with a better attitude and renewed sense of self. I deserve to be happy. Cookies do not make me happy...Spring will make me happy.

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