Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Three sessions of hypnosis - 12 hours and almost one month without ANY sugar...

Yesterday was my last trip to the hypnotist (unless I need or want a refresher...) I have been on "The Program" for almost a month - I started December 12, and I have not had any sugar or bread or beans or nuts (other than almond milk). It is indeed amazing for a person who has spent the last decade craving sugary deserts after dinner, possessing no self control with a bag of chips, or needing to eat off her kids' plates to give it all up - and NOT care one bit. I figure I 've spent more than $2,000 on Weight Watchers and I have nothing to show for it really other than an obsession with my weight - a number... and a few decent recipes. If the last three weeks is any indication, I consider the $600 money well spent.

I am still obsessed with my weight, but I 'm hoping that it is less so - since I'm not allowed to weigh myself or even know the number. Obviously it's tough to say if I have lost any weight. People (sister, coworkers) insist that it is so, but honestly my pants are not really any looser. I'll continue to consider the experiences of my cousin and Aunt who have worked the program for a few months, to a year and I know it was at least 3 months before I could say with certainty that they were smaller.

My life has been a little off - I am still working some family issues and my bipolar daughter has added a few crazy nights to the mix. I am coaching my younger daughter's basketball team (which I love) and working (which I don't love). I am not exercising like I need to, but it's still January - time to start...I want so much for the year ahead. I don't want to spend another one STUCK IN A RUTT!! I can't update my weight, but I will post some pics and I'll definitely record the day that I need new clothes!

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