Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Size 10?!

Because I am a mom who insists on making it all better, I took my girls and friend to the mall Friday night. I had no intention of buying anything and spent most of my time window shopping and people watching; mostly teens stalking one another... facinating. 

The 60% off sign called my name into Sears and the wool coat I've eyed all season was now $33 dollars, instead of $159… I was curious, so I grabbed the size 10 and VOILA – it not only fit, but fit well and --- I wasn’t thrilled with the style like I thought I would be so I left it on the rack and moved on… I actually considered style over fit … First time in a long time… It got me thinking that I should try on something else – like the size 10 spring twills…. and … they fit too!! I am not buying until my jeans fall off, but at least I am getting a little taste of what's to come!

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