Friday, June 07, 2013

Definately Feeling it.

Stressed. We had our re-entry meeting at the school this morning. All went as expected. Daughter was quiet, positive, respectful. We went home and daughter was rude, disrespectful, yelling... telling me that I was stressing her out and needed to leave! ... hand in my face for emphasis. "You are supposed to leave me alone when I am stressed, you know what will happen", slam cabinet for emphasis.

BULLY is back. I calmly said that I would not be bullied, got my purse and came to work. All that by asking  for her to unpack her clothes and put her things away (maybe). I will go home and get my work out clothes on, invite daughter to join me at the gym and leave. I will come home, shower and take daughter #2 to her last 4-H meeting of the year. The piano recital is tonight. Daughter #1 may or may not play, may or may not come. She is NOT going anywhere else that is for sure... She is NOT stable. I feel like we are teetering on the edge. I am glad we are seeing her p-doc Monday afternoon. She is going with me to my counseling session Thursday. This girl needs some major help!!!

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