Friday, September 27, 2013

Recommitting to the Process

I am starting to feel a little smug and this is when I get into problems. It has been over 20 years since I've been this small and I am not starving myself or using other self abusing methods to be this way. It is freeing and confusing and amazing.  I am truly amazed when I look in the mirror or try on clothes or run a mile and not feel spent... Lately though, that feeling has turned into an entitlement of sorts... I am ALMOST at my goal so maybe I'll add in... fruit or nuts or ... and I'll have some...

This is NOT how this eating plan is supposed to go and honestly I have taken many liberties with my interpretation for a while... I credit this in part to the weight loss, and I am reminded of how I ALWAYS regain the weight. I know I need to stop this destructive behavior NOW. I am not going to make this mistake again. I know that MAINTENANCE is most challenging part, but I CAN succeed and I WILL.

The fundamentals are:
1. Eat ONLY when hungry.
2. Eat meat and...
3. No bread or grains of any type.
4. No sugar.
5. No fruit
6. Cheese is a condiment
7. Condiments are allowed as condiments.
8. Milk is allowed.

When I went to a refresher in July, I was reminded of the process, but didn't really do much to change the liberties I took. This week my husband was called to schedule an appointment with Julie. He's been on the wait list since July. I NEED him to go, and I need him to be successful. He has gained so much weight. He is so unhealthy - bad knees, sleep apnea, can't walk a flight of stairs without breathing heavy. He is obsessed with food and eating and what we're going to make at future gatherings... I know he is depressed. I know that gaining weight is a symptom of other life problems, but I also know that losing weight can be a catalyst for change. Feeling better about how you look is an awesome power - other people can see it, acknowledge it and I think their perceptions of who you are positively change. I know that energy levels increase, working out is easier and results come faster.  I know losing weight will help my DH to come out of this dark place he's been in for the last 5 years and help fix a not so great relationship with me and the girls.

Oh, and I am also hoping that having the two of us on board will benefit the whole family. No chips, or ice cream or chocolate syrup or soda, or any other JUNK will just show up at the house. No runs to McDs or BK, or pizza just because...We can all commit - or recommit to good health!

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