Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New clothes... good mood.

I have a new dress and a pair of snappy boots. Amazing what it can do for self esteem and mood. I feel great today!

I threw out all of my clothes last May, finding it pointless to keep size 14 jeans or XL sweaters. It was the first time I felt confident that I wouldn't need them in the fall and I do not. Yeah me! So now I need to assess. I can dress the way I want for the first time in a LONG time. I feel a little anxious... still not in a buying mood. BUT Sierra Trading Post has the most awesome selection of dresses that are perfect for my kind of job - cool and casual. I picked out 2 mediums and a size 10's and everything fits great!

It's cool enough to wear them  --and I feel cool wearing them. This is the kind of feeling that I have to bottle for days when I think I may want to eat more than I need, or eat something I should not. Maintenance is forever!

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