Friday, November 08, 2013

Let's Start That Challenge Monday...

Oh, the week of CRAZY BUSY.
Every night and through the weekend I am out running around for my kids; lessons, play practice, therapists, and FINALLY the play... I've honestly not had enough time to change, run, and get back to presentable between work, and trips, and home... Other than the miles I log tomorrow, I will not have added anything to the "TEN MILE/WEEK CHALLENGE" I started this week. I think I'll start over on Monday like I used to do with all my diets.

Try, try, try again.

I also have the biggest of fall tasks on my plate - RAKING... My shoulder is hurting just thinking about it. I hope the rain holds off, the wind dies down and the leaves are fluffy... I hope the man with the great leaf sucking machine is available for me to start the week with a presentable lawn! It will make me happy to cross it off the list!

And when I don't have to stress about the leaves, I'll turn my energy to Thanksgiving and Christmas... Every weekend is booked through the end of the year... I honestly can't believe it... I am already anxious about a trip in December and getting all the shopping done. Oh - and the Christmas cards...  Could I please just RELAX?

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