Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Not Wasting a Day!

I took a mental health day from work and I'm already an hour into it and I feel like I'm wasting the day!  Searching the web, catching up on blogs, doing some xmas shopping....Before I know it the day will be shot... Or will it???

I am going upstairs with trash bags. One for trash, one for clothes my kids and I don't or won't wear. I am donating my big jeans once and for all. No going back.  I am disappearing my daughter's half shirts which are "in appro-pro" and no matter wear I hide them they keep getting found... I am tossing the too small t-shirts from camps and sports  and crafts that we've just not been able to part with... until now.

I am changing out of my jammies and into my winter running gear. It's snowing (showers) and I have already committed to three miles... The faster I do it, the faster it's done. I will not blow it off!  I will shower and clean it while I'm in there - multi-tasker that I am - and then I will continue with the laundry.  At least if the drawers are cleaned out I'll have someplace to put it!

Cranberry sauce, experimental desert and the day should be about over (over meaning that the kids are out of school). One more wake up and then I'll get a few days off!!! As I've said the toughest part of the day is 5:50 - 7:00 am.  I HATE getting everyone up and out!

Procrastination is over.

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