Monday, November 18, 2013

Now I have to do it...

Thank you for registering for Turkey Trot for the Memory 2013. Your registration is confirmed.

Total Payment:          $22.30Confirmation Code:    LR2CQ7Time of Transaction:  11/18/2013 11:16:16 AM

Nobody else in my running circle has registered. I think we all gave the local Turkey Trot lip service, but I honestly don't think anyone would actually get up on Thanksgiving and go - myself included. 

I read a post this morning about moving beyond that low point of dieting despair by setting attainable goals and moving forward.( ) I would like to add to that process by making my goals foolproof - so you can't back out in a moment of weakness - or in my case a warm bed... Actually registering for the race, putting it out there on Facebook, holds me somewhat publicly accountable for going. It seems like once I commit to something I will do it.

So maybe this will be the catalyst to meeting my weekly goal? I've made a personal goal of 10 miles/week and since I've set that goal, I haven't met it once! I am busy and it's a convenient excuse, but there has got to be way to schedule the time and just do something - anything - 1 mile even? Its a mental speed bump - not impossible...Something to work on...

On another note... It's the last week of the trimester for my 14 year old. She's got some learning issues in addition to a mood disorder which makes it tough to get her work done or done to her ability. For the sake of her confidence I am doing my best to push her without pushing her over the edge... it's a balancing act, but I know that she can make C's!!!  I am stressed about her school work and I don't want to project my feelings on her. I don't really know how best to help and I certainly won't leave her on her own.... It is tough to be a mom. 

Food has been tough this last week - perhaps the stress? I am eating too much overall and not enough of the good stuff (veggies!). I have been really unmotivated when it comes to prepping. I've bought food with a meal in mind and simply don't feel like cooking! There is rotten cilantro in my crisper! I feel like I could eat great if I had a chef making my meals. It's not like I feel like over eating or eating fast food or eating "bad" food. I just don't feel like cooking good food and grab whatever is easiest or grazing because I don't know what I want.  

I did eat some blueberries with my yogurt, a handful of almonds because my DH bought them (for the kids!@!) I made my mother take them home with her... I am NOT to be trusted around nuts!!! I also ate fried green beans coated in forbidden panko bread crumbs and one onion ring... I still have not desire to eat potatoes or candy or pasta or bread...although I am considering a gluten free stuffing for Thanksgiving... Of all the things I love on Turkey Day, stuffing is what I will miss most :)  Still weighing the benefits/necessity of doing this... 

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