Sunday, December 01, 2013

December Angst...

The annual pilgrimage to the in-laws is this week. We travel to Pittsburgh Wednesday after school and then Harrisburg on Friday for a weekend Xmas party. Elderly relatives don't travel and the others won't visit for their own selfish reasons. We impress the importance of family to the kids and I'm doing my best to keep the commentary to myself. We will see them. We will be cheerful and have fun. We've lived in MA for 14 years and have had 3 visits from the grandparents of less than 24 hours and only one aunt has made the trek, and that was as part of a business trip. My kids feel marginalized. The other grand kids get a lot more attention and no one goes to any great lengths to hide it. I feel sad for my kids and my poor husband and a little resentful that we've always had to spend days in the car... Family... Important....Smile.

I won't say how different MY family is, but they are and I hope that my kids appreciate it.

In any case, I have bags to pack, packages to wrap and laundry. It's back to school tomorrow and back to work for me. I feel somewhat overwhelmed. I've been snacking on ALMONDS.

Nuts are my nemesis! I've got to keep with the running and push away the stress.

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