Friday, December 27, 2013

Oh How I Love All Things Dairy...

My grandfather worked at a dairy. He made cottage cheese. My mom talks about visiting him when she was little and sneaking a taste of the cream that floated to the top of the huge vats of curd. I blame my love of dairy on genetics.

I could eat yogurt for every single meal lately. I snack on cheese; I put it on my eggs. I now love kefir (Lifeway organics - any flavor) and can drink a whole quart over the course of an afternoon. I need to reel it in. It is not healthy to stack your diet heavy on any one food group. BALANCE is what we strive for... I wanted to NOT eat dairy yesterday and failed miserably. In fact, I had kefir for dinner.

My sister wants to do another meal prep afternoon at her house soon. I am game - it was really nice to have go to foods in the freezer this fall; and will be again since I am so apathetic about cooking. I want to keep the take out to a minimum (at least until we have no choice with the kitchen redo).  I am ready to move into January Mode - resolutions, renewals, the big clean out and healthy living. I need to learn to live in this new body and not go back to fat.

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