Tuesday, January 07, 2014

A Day...

Feeling a little under the weather and decided to take a day. I won't let it be wasted; I'll still get things done; just at a slower pace. I have a list and a plan.

Weather is FREEZING and hoping this spell has passed before we head to Florida. My kids are expecting SUMMER and I don't want them to be disappointed; not to mention I could use a little "July" right now myself. We've been planning this vacation for years, saving and waiting for my nephews to be old enough to hang with the big kids. The whole family is going - siblings, mom, and kids. We are swimming with dolphins and heading to Universal Studios for lots of roller coasters and Harry Potter overload. So exciting.

Which is why I am ANXIOUS. The trip and the kitchen renovation are sucking up every free thought in my head.

At least I am on board with my eating plan and I'm getting my 10,000 steps in. I know there is more to do at the gym. I have high hopes of doing a pull up this year, but until the kitchen is at least underway I have no more to give.  I am not so good with change - even good change.

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