Thursday, January 09, 2014

Goals are GOOD!

I spent most of the day in the car yesterday - shopping for flooring, running errands and chauffeuring kids. At 7:41 on my way back out for the last pick up of the day it occurred to me to check my FITBIT... 7000+/- steps!!! I panicked. How could I (almost) screw up my streak in just 8 short days!!!  Had I not checked, I would have picked up the kids, showered and gone upstairs to read, well short of my 10K. I quickly did a lap around the block with the dog. When I came home I did another lap and then finished the last 1000 steps inside, making the circle from the family room to my bedroom. The kids made fun of me, my husband thought I was a little crazy, but a goal is just that - something to complete, and I did.

My sister and I talked about WHAT'S NEXT, now that we are of a certain size. We are both scared of regaining, scared of getting the "F-its", wondering what that illicit 5% of maintainers does to not be part of the 95% who regain... We are different people, have different lives, and different paths. Thinking about it, brainstorming was good. What I want to do moving forward is to NEVER do what kept me fat. It's that simple.

1. I will not step on a scale or know my weight.
2. I will not buy bigger pants to have something that fits.... It is a slippery slope.
3. I will not eat food that I do not LOVE.
4. I will consciously decide what foods I want to add in and enjoy them guilt free.
5. I will be mindful of my body and adjust my diet accordingly.  I have the tools!

Foods I've lived without and don't really miss include:  french fries, candy, pasta, cereal, chips, crackers, and most breads.

Foods I've lived without and would like to have again include: almonds, black beans, apples and other fruits, sweet potato, and oatmeal. I may also like a piece of good cacao/chocolate on special occasions.

I always want to get fitter, stronger and faster, but I know that my kids are my number one priority and a GIANT time suck. As long as I can maintain a certain level of fitness I am happy. For now that means 10,000 steps.

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