Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I'm not going to give into the STRESS!

So much to do. So scattered. Do you ever have these days?

Not sure where to begin... too much on your plate... and a mind that is swirling...

My daughter has ADHD. There are days I think I may have it too.

I guess I should start with a list. I should step away from the computer and move to check things off, one thing at a time. I worry so much about not wasting time that I am paralyzed about how to be most productive.

Vacation, Renovation, PACKING EVERYTHING...  Worried about the dog, work, and now my DH is worried about his job?! I think it's that last thing that is really getting to me. I feel like our life is in the hands of a juggler - all the balls are in the air and it's my job to make sure he doesn't drop anything... ever.  It's a lot of pressure I put on myself... devising all sorts of plans for all sorts of "what ifs".

I know that I shouldn't focus on things out of my control and I need to really embrace that notion. I know that stressing out won't help anyone, especially me.

I will exercise (when the temps rise above freezing so it's not so slippery!). I will eat well today. I will make sure that I get enough sleep tonight. I will check things off and it will all get done... or it won't, but we'll be fine.

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