Monday, January 13, 2014

Month One of Maintenance DONE!

And so it begins… The week before vacation and its jammed-packed with regular weekly activities topped with “going on vacation” stress and chores (packing, house prep, dog…). I know I am a grumpy, overly sensitive mom & wife so it will be a challenge to keep in check. I’m trying my best to be mindful.

I am a determined woman with my FITBIT, keeping the 10,000 steps/day streak alive, no matter what!  I went out last night in a windstorm for a 2-mile jaunt; grumpy husband in tow… He complained about how much he ate and how he couldn't go fast. I thought my pace was normal and I was NOT accommodating - He needs a severe kick in the ASS! I am glad that he went; I hope he chooses to go more often. I bought him his own FITBIT for Christmas, and I've bugged him a lot about when he’ll actually use it; or if he’d rather me return it… He keeps saying “tomorrow” and I’ll continue to ask about it. I personally think it’s very helpful and motivating. I know I've been much more active and is definitely helping with MAINTENANCE.

Whatever it takes to keep me motivated and thinking…  Maintenance is work. It just won’t happen. I have watched myself and others become complacent, forgiving, apathetic… 

Fat is sneaky.
It starts with entitlement – “I am thin, I can eat what I want.” Or a bad day, or “there’s nothing to eat but these Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups!”  It progresses to “I’ll get back on track Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….. Monday” And then you need a new outfit and you hate your clothes (because they are tight…). And then that MUFFIN just won’t work in those jeans and you stop wearing them; and then you can’t wear them…

I was fat because I ate what I wanted when I wanted it. I was unsuccessful losing weight for a long time because I had fewer “on-program” days than “off-program” days. Looking back, I was REALLY good at excuses and good reasons.  I worked out and that made me hungry. I worked out and therefore I should be thinner. I was burning SO many calories… Really? I would round off calories and points in my favor, I played all sorts of tricks and now I don’t. Instead I focus on what I eat – real food not fake food, organic when possible. I *try* to eat when I am hungry. I stay away from foods that I don’t LOVE or that I don’t need (bread/pasta… gluten free for the most part). It’s what works for me now, and I’ll always continue to check in. I will NOT buy new pants!

And here I am all smug in my new khakis. After a few hours it is clear I should have bought the smaller size. I have MONTH ONE of maintenance in the books, and I am still at it... 

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