Thursday, January 16, 2014

One more wake up...

My family has been planning this Florida vacation for YEARS and it's finally here. It is the UN-Disney Trip (Universal, Sea World...) My kids are so excited, my DH apathetic (since it's with my family), but I am hoping for a fun week. I want to celebrate my children's childhood. I want to enjoy my family.

In preparation for any vacation we always take an opportunity to express what each of us wants out of the trip; a list of expectations for a great vacation.

  • My oldest wants to ride every roller coaster (can do). 
  • My youngest wants to try butter beer at Hogwarts and buy "those" jelly beans... She is quite fond of tricking people with the "vomit" flavor.(can do). 
  • My DH wants one night out for US and/or GROWNUPS (can do). 
  • I would like to have a week of harmony (no drama, no hitting, no medical emergencies) and I would like to watch the football game on Sunday, (my mom said she would make that last thing happen for sure... thanks mom!) 
I'm taking the girls for a pedicure tonight. My feet are NOT pretty. Suitcases should be all packed tonight as well. Tomorrow I am flat out with commitments until 9 pm, so I'm still a little stressed - but come Saturday morning it will all just be OK.

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