Friday, January 17, 2014

Pre-travel Angst

Per usual - I am stressed.
I am almost packed (that "I" includes the WHOLE family)
My sister checked us all into our flight
We have reservations at the car park
Everything is paid for except food

I have to go to the bank
Make the switch over to my "vacation" purse
Check in with the dog sitter - AKA my neighbor
Mail some stuff
Register the girls' Visa cards 

I woke this morning at 3:50 with intestinal issues - not uncommon with my travel angst. I made the most of my time (packing, cleaning, walking the dog). I was not hungry. I don't think food will be my issue today because I'll have no time to eat. I have lots at work to get done in prep for me being gone. I have errands to run and the final 20% to pack. I want to have my carry on ready to go. My daughter has 4H and then we are going to see Annie with a few of her friends. One of her posse is Annie. We'll get home by 9:30 and we leave at 4 a.m. 

I won't relax until we take off, so I'll probably get my 10,000 steps in.... 

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