Thursday, January 02, 2014

Resolved, and Happily Back to Normal!


A pretty productive New Years Day even though I only managed 70% of the list. The tree is down, the house de-Christmas'd. I finished a morning hike, prepared dinners for the week and packed a box of books. The laundry is almost caught up and I even read my book before bed. Not too shabby.

This morning I was back on my normal schedule. Up at 5 to meet my neighbor for a walk with the dogs. There was about an inch on the ground and a lot of salt on the roads. My poor Doodle kept stopping, limping... She needs a hair cut and the snow just cakes in her paws. Poor baby.

Found out on return that school is cancelled and probably will be tomorrow too, since that's when the real storm is expected. I think my oldest actually wanted to go back. Boredom has set in. Oh well.

I've been thinking about RESOLUTIONS and NEW YEARS and what I want to do with my life in 2014. A simple and totally attainable goal will be to log a minimum of 10K steps on my FITBIT every day. I also want to take at least one course towards my degree and complete 2 challenging races/events (one will be PANMASS again). The final thing I want to do is MAINTAIN my weight.

I have lost a ton (yes, probably a ton) of weight over my lifetime and never managed to maintain a healthy weight for very long. There's a whole illusion of being done when the weight is gone and I know that I need to fight the urge to resume bad habits, become complacent, ignore the early signs - like tight pants! I have size 6 jeans that I LOVE and plan to use them as my barometer of weight. Even when they come out of the dryer they fit nicely, so the day I struggle to button is the day I am back on track - following the rules that made a successful loser. I am so excited to spend a year at goal. It is something I have wanted for so long and it still blows my mind that I am actually thin because I feel exactly the same inside.

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