Friday, January 03, 2014

Snow Shoveled.

I slept in. I didn't want to get out of bed this morning and that's not typical. At least we didn't get the snow predicted - maybe 8 inches and it was pretty light. I managed to drink a pot of coffee, watch the UN-NEWS about Snow-mageddon and shovel the driveway all before 10 a.m. The kids and DH slept. Even now it feels late and it's just 11:21...Snow days are good sometimes.

My I phone is acting up so it's off to the Genius Bar this afternoon to see if it needs to be swapped out. The thing is only 3 months old so I am slightly annoyed. It makes me wonder if I should buy the extra year of Apple Care to cover contract... My kids use my stuff too much. It probably makes sense to just do it.

The kids are bored again with the endless Christmas break. I have a lot to do, but the motivation is a little on the light side. I could drag everyone to the gym, or the mall or just let them fester in front of their video screen of choice. They've already skated and it's TOO COLD!  I can pay bills, assemble a building permit for my kitchen and start sorting/packing my kitchen, dining room and office...Again, motivation.... I think we'll just go to the mall early and walk around.

And how frustrating is it when your kid loses her winter coat?!  UGH!!

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