Friday, January 31, 2014

WHOLE 30 and the FITBIT burn

I've been reading It Starts with Food,  by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig in preparation for my WHOLE30 challenge. It is forcing me to face fact about what goes in my mouth. It has made me crazy mad at the FOOD INDUSTRY that is tricking me and my family into eating more and more. It makes sense.

There are two kinds of food - good and not good. There is no in between. Sugar is sugar is sugar - honey, organic, agave, Splenda - its all in the same bucket - NOT GOOD. It affects the bacteria in our gut, the hormones in our bodies, the chemicals in our brains. Healthy does not mean deprivation or blandness. Healthy means real, chemical free, un-processed. That's as far as I've read... I'll jump ahead to the plan tonight so I can start tomorrow. I have a feeling that the hardest thing for me will be dairy. I LOVE cheese, yogurt, keifir, milk, butter... I can do it. 30 days....

On another note...

I got the FITBIT burn.... I noticed red last week and thought the band was just too tight on my wrist. Yesterday I read a comment about "contact dermatitis" on Ronis Weigh so I switched arms, washed the area and applied Neosporin. The area still hurts (like a burn) and now the skin is turning into a scab - yuk. This morning I Googled and found more people with the problem and their doctors are calling it a chemical burn, though FITBIT says "allergic reaction" I put a bandaid on so that the power port is not touching my skin.

I know it probably seems stupid, but I don't want to break my streak (10K/day). I am still waiting to hear from FITBIT.

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