Monday, February 03, 2014

FITBIT FORCE Woes continue.... Does this look like it's getting better?

Blisters, sore, not better. I am putting Neosporin on it hourly and since others have reported infections, I may head to the doctor if this wrist doesn't look or feel better by Wednesday. That will be one full week of annoyance. I thought I could tape up the back of the unit and move the Fitbit Force to the other wrist. Yesterday morning I felt an itch, removed the Force and a blister appeared. Excellent.

I really like the features of the Force and when I look at comparisons I can't find anything that measures up (other than the competition won't burn) The Force - it's wearable, has a display, a watch, an alarm and it automatically syncs. The last thing is the best thing. All other units have to be plugged in, or charged every other day, they don't have a display or they have too many features. I tried a Garmin in the past and it took too much to operate - set up, charge, plug in.... What I want is for FITBIT to send me a Flex (the step down model) and then - when they fix this problem with the FORCE allow me to exchange at no cost. It's the least they could do; don't you think they want to keep their customers?!

Since the rash/burn appeared on the left arm, I am calling today to return the unit as well as my husbands - he's never opened his, but what's the point. No one wants to risk this mess. Until that happens, I have the force attached to my belt loop. I don't want to mess up my resolution!

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