Monday, February 10, 2014

Broken Streaks, Running Again and the WHOLE30 Starts Now

Whenever I resolved to start another diet I set a date. On Monday..., on January 1..., on the day after vacation... Why not now? Why not from this moment on I will live the WHOLE30 and give it my best try for 30 days? Why not focus on the foods I CAN eat; instead of what I might miss?

I am now in Chapter 14 of  IT STARTS WITH FOOD . The science is done and we're into the FOOD and the actual plan. I can have fruit. I can have sweet potatoes. I like all of the vegetables on the "eat often" list. Why not now? I got up this morning, poured a cup of coffee, a cup of almond milk and peeled 3 eggs. As I sat down to eat it dawned on me. This is a WHOLE30 breakfast!  I could probably add some veggies, but its WHOLE30. Maybe I'll keep going....maybe today is the day.

The basketball season is over so I have my Monday nights back. I can actually cook dinner tonight for my family. Perhaps it will be Salmon with roasted veggies...

It's over. The FITBIT goes back today - I hope. I think their customer service is overwhelmed. I have received so many conflicting - nonsense 'cut and paste' messages that haven't directly answered my questions and requests. What I need is assurance that a refund is forthcoming and a FEDEX label. Just waiting for an email...

I tried keeping the Force on a belt loop or in a coat pocket and I made it 5 days before I forgot to switch it out and my streak was broken. I was pretty bummed, but now I know. I need that thing on my wrist. I need something to remind me. I need immediate feedback. I need to know where I stand throughout the day, and I will pick this up again as soon as I have something that works - Will it be the FLEX or the Garmin? We'll see.

In the meantime, I went to the gym yesterday.My butt and thighs are reminding me how long its been since I've run. I walk/ran 4.76 miles in an hour. No records were broken, but I did get my heart rate up and I really enjoyed the new treadmills the gym installed while I was away. I may go again this afternoon and do a round of weights. I hope my kids will accommodate. I want to start moving in the right direction - out of this winter funk and closer to a spring renewal. I need to maintain my weight loss and my jeans are a little on the snug side this morning.

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