Friday, February 28, 2014

Finally Friday....

I am so mentally spent. I have had my house destroyed....
Packing up "Before"
Day 2 Kitchen + ceiling floor removed 
Day one Kitchen area
It's one of the coldest weeks of the winter. We have no insulation in half the house. The heat hasn't shut off. I don't want the oil man to come... We've all got our electric blankets and we're living on either end of the house or up in the bedrooms. Honestly, it hasn't been too bad - our weeks are busy, but I am sure it's going to get old fast. I hope the contractor will be true to his word - He intends on having inspections by next Wednesday and insulation installed and walls put back by next Friday. The cabinets will be delivered the following week. We should be FINISHED by April 1... It's going to be a long month.

I am still living the WHOLE30,  though I did have salad dressing at Panera last night for dinner that I am sure wasn't olive oil. This morning I had a Larabar for breakfast and a grapefruit on my desk which is not a good breakfast, but we had to bug out. I need some protein, but it will have to wait for lunch...Overall though, I am proud of sticking with this plan and I have to admit that the more I practice saying "no thankyou" and living with my decisions to not eat certain foods, the easier it gets. I feel so strong and my pants are definitely fitting better... DAY 19. The "no kitchen" thing, and "no house" thing will continue to challenge, but I will not allow it to be an excuse to do anything to pull me off plan. 

Now, if I could just get to the gym. It's so hard when the weather sucks so bad. At least its March so it can't last much longer.

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