Monday, March 03, 2014

And then it was Monday

I honestly can't believe how fast this weekend flew by. Most of my time was spent on daughter #2 at 4-H visual presentations all day Saturday and then a horse show for most of the day Sunday. 4-H went well - Horse show was a bust. There weren't enough registrations for the show so my 11 year old at her very first was competing with 13, 16 + up; all very experienced riders - a  mix of English and Western. Not surprisingly the older riders, the Western riders took most of the awards... (Not for nothing, but Western is a lot less technical). She got a 3rd, 2 -4ths & 5th... My personal opinion was that she did well considering. Her opinion - It wasn't fair!  TEARS, GRUMBLING... ugh. Grandma, Great Aunt, Aunt and family were all there to see her ride in 10 degrees for 2+ hours and be less than happy or grateful... Not a proud parent moment.

We followed up the *show* with what should have been a lovely lunch out. However,with 2 grumpy ungrateful children - one wallowing about fairness and the other thinking she needs a new guitar TODAY; and crying when she realized  it wasn't happening... (mood disorder kicking in !) I could hardly enjoy my meal. The highlight of my day was watching the finale of Downtown Abbey ALONE while finishing the laundry - a cup of tea and a roaring fire - delightful!

DH has been scarce. He works late, goes to bed early, reads his kindle and goes to the gym. I have not been working very hard to make things better. I know we need to work on our marriage, but I honestly don't have the mental energy right now to deal with it so it sits on the shelf ignored. Oh well.

WHOLE 30 continues... Mess ups are few, but I've had to rely on fruit and Larabars more than I should. There are few organic meat sources that are "grab and go" All we have is a microwave right now and no "organic" restaurants close by... Salads and ... are my go to... The kids have picked LEAN CUISINEs and a lot of junk - mac and cheese, cereal... Fruit is healthy, yogurts, milk but much to my chagrin they are not vegetable lovers.... It's tough to not eat out, it's tough to eat in...

But the snow storm was a bust and I couldn't be happier. Kitchen is moving forward -workers were at the house at 7 am right on time. New door and windows are what is on the agenda for today. Tomorrow the electrician will come. I need to have lights picked out!? Inspection this week!!!! Insulation??? Blueboard ? Floor and cabinets next week! I really hope it comes together before I go for Girls' Weekend 3/27... I'm sure we'll be close.

SPRING feels far off, but I know it's March and this WINTER can't go on much longer...

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