Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Hello WHOLE30

Shoot me - I am NOT a fast reader. I am not the kind of person that can read a page here and there. I need at least a 30 minute block. I want to understand, digest and that just hasn't been happening this week. I am reading IT STARTS WITH FOOD; I'm in chapter 4; and I don't even know what I am supposed to eat yet. How could I possible start the WHOLE30?

I know I can skip ahead and this is just an excuse to delay... Frankly I am afraid to give up my dairy. How weird is that? I honestly feel like its my only vice - dairy and COFFEE. I need my lattes, yogurt, kefir. Everything else is totally fine. I need no chips - haven't had them in over a year. I need no processed foods - haven't had them either. BUT organic dairy... that's a different question.

Lately I've been stressing.

I've been obsessed with my FITBIT woes and what to do for a FORCE replacement.  THE 10K/DAY STREAK MUST CONTINUE!!!! The burn on my arm(s) is getting ... better - I think. It's scabbing over, but it is SO RED... We'll see.   I need to make a decision about what to do with this stupid FORCE. If I am going to strap it to my belt loop, I might as well get a substitute. The FLEX is a natural choice, but I'm a little annoyed with FITBIT and the FLEX isn't EXACTLY what I want. I'm strongly considering a GARMIN VIVO. It uses two watch batteries so no charging, no suspect lithion battery leaks and it claims to last a year. It has all the benefits of a FORCE without the burn, or the vibrating alarm BUT it will track heart rate if you purchase the band with it. The unfortunate thing is that it's not available until March... GRUMBLE... So...

And then there's the dreaded kitchen. I half-joked last fall that it would be finished by April vacation. I am beginning to wonder if I wasn't joking at all. We were supposed to begin 2/1... It's 2/5 and I haven't had a call back from the contractor. He's told me he won't start my project until he can devote 100%. He doesn't want to leave me in rubble to finish another job and I appreciate that. However, it is so hard to know what we should do, how fast to pack up if it's going to be several more days. How to plan for the days ahead? So I stress and obsess. It will happen eventually so I'll continue packing up and throwing out... The more I pack the more I want to throw out. I guess that's good.

The WHOLE30 will happen; but it may need to wait.

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