Thursday, February 06, 2014

SNOW DAY and thoughts about the Loser...

The snow came. The kids were home, the hubby was home and the library was closed...a certain recipe for insanity; but I managed to keep it together. I cleaned out my drawers - another bag for Salvation Army, and packed a few more boxes of kitchen excess to cart away. I think our days of Beer Glass Collecting are over. I am so sick of STUFF! I caught up with the laundry, shoveled the driveway 3 times and walked around town with my youngest to get my 10,000 steps in.! Since the town fell behind on snow removal, it felt like walking on the beach and ended up being a pretty good workout.

I still hate that my "day off" was hijacked by the weather.

I'm still a little bothered by the Biggest Loser finale. I really liked Rachel, but it's clear her "win at all costs" attitude took her a little too far. She looked awful! I can still see Bob and Jillian's faces - The utter shock spoke volumes...So much for promoting that healthy lifestyle... I can't imagine what she looks like in person if the TV adds 10 lbs!!!! Biggest Loser indeed.

I will stand on my soapbox and be happy about where I am at right now. I certainly have room for improvement, but not stepping on the scale is SO freeing. There is no number to obsess about. I can go up and down, but as long as my clothes still fit, I know I'm OK. I eat healthy when I am hungry (or bored -- gotta work on that), but I am not consumed by numbers or deadlines or even sizes and I actually have a life.

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