Friday, February 14, 2014

I *HEART* Friday.

I honestly hate Valentine's Day. I hate the *once a year* sentiment; making cards for the whole class (even that jerk that spit on you!), the special "Valentine" menus (an excuses to jack up the price), and all the anxiety it caused me as an overweight teen without a boyfriend. I don't feel the need to schedule a date with my husband or make something special. In fact, I told my DH that we are NOT going out tonight...

BAH HUMBUG! I guess I sound like a real jerk.

I consider myself more of a "just because" kind of person.

I'm not all that romantic right now. I am sick of winter and feeling puffy and anxious about upcoming kitchen disasters and money and school vacation.... I want it to be April....

But for now, I am done with whining. I went for a walk with my sister and dog - 2.5 miles in slush, had a long coffee break and stopped by the Indian market for Ghee. I came home and made a delicious salad- lemon vinaigrette and wild smoked salmon. I'm in Day 5 of the WHOLE30. I'm really doing this!

I'll have to work some this weekend, but it was worth having this day to take a breath before the LONG winter break with the kids, and more especially since we're expecting another 4-8 inches tomorrow on top of the ten inches we got yesterday. I do love Friday, but I do hate this winter!!!

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