Sunday, February 16, 2014

Whole30 - Day Seven !

Wow. I'm seven days Whole30 compliant and I feel pretty good. Other than not being able to find/grab a quick snack yesterday between work and the gym;  or not having my afternoon latte;  life is little changed, so I guess that's good. 23 days to go!

I went to the gym yesterday, but I had ZERO energy. I've had a stupid cold for the last week and the coughing urge / gunk in my throat is making me miserable. I feel it every time I take a breath and it's very annoying. I walked 10 minutes, ran a couple and did 10 minutes on the rower (something I should do more of) and I was done. APATHY- YES, but at least I went.

Of course it snowed again, so I shoveled - again, walked the dog a little, but nothing else. Today is Sunday. I'll have more shoveling, work this afternoon and dinner promised for this evening. I've had a lazy morning to myself to gear up - finished It Starts With Food; drank my coffee, ate an orange and 3 eggs. I'll have to start the laundry process at some point (dread) and get in the shower. The kids are up - mom is officially on duty.

This is school vacation week so my schedule is all over the place. I honestly have nothing planned for the kids. Audrey is "working" at the barn for little kids / horse lovers camp in the mornings, but DD1 has nothing scheduled - no work or activities and her few friends are traveling. I'm trying to think of things she may want to do, but she's at a tough age of not wanting me, or my suggestions, but not wanting to be bored at the same time... It makes me feel a little anxious. This is a girl that needs to be busy.

I should get a DATE this week for long awaited kitchen demo... I am OK with the delay we've had given the bad weather. It would have certainly meant more mess than necessary. We should be 50 degrees by FRIDAY and melt the space for a dumpster! I really just want it DONE!

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