Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Waiting for the Cleaners.

My guilty top-secret pleasure is a cleaning lady. I wish it were every day, but twice a month is what the budget allows (or doesn't depending on the month). It's my RESET day and my joy day. I run around like a crazy person picking up and putting away. I write my TO DO list and catch up with the laundry (mostly putting away). And then when she arrives I leave for 3 hours.

Today, I will go to the gym and to the grocery store since our weekly dump of snow and ick is on for tomorrow and I expect a house full of kids and a husband "working from home" so we'll need MESS FREE provisions for lunch and snacks. I know the house will be well on its way to NORMAL by tomorrow, but the 2 hours this afternoon of Pine-sol and vacuum marks on the rugs will make me HAPPY. Yes, I am weird.

I'm in Day 3 of WHOLE 30.  I know I can totally do this!  Over the last year I have made it my habit to care less about food or at least not obsess like I used to, so much so that my DH (a foodie) totally annoys me when he recounts his dinners out or obsesses about a recipe he wants to try...I do want to enjoy my meals, I don't want to eat the same things - but APATHY is the only way to describe my feelings about cooking for me or anyone else. It really has become a chore.  I think that's why yogurt and keifir became such a habit - it was nutritious and filling and ready when I wanted it - no prep necessary. I HAVEN'T HAD ANY in THREE DAYS!  27 to GO!!

What I could really use is some MOJO to get to the gym and lift and run.

FITBIT FLEX was on the porch when I came home yesterday from work. That was FAST!!  Unfortunately I am not healing as fast, so I'll wait a while before I put it on.  As you can see, Its been 3 weeks and its still gross!

OK - WHERE IS MY CLEANNING LADY!  I must say it's my least favorite day when she is supposed to be here and doesn't show up....

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