Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lucky 13 - Whole 30, Tornado Run and Back to School

Another week under my belt and although I've had to think about what I can eat at certain times, I haven't been tempted to eat anything off program. In fact I feel very powerful right now about being able to look at foods that certainly are appealing and say "NO THANK YOU".

I have no idea what I weigh, but my clothes fit well even though I really need to get to the gym and strength train. I am flabby - or at least feeling that way...

AND There's a race on the horizon - The TORNADO RELAY in June. It's a 57 mile team event following the path of the 2012 tornado that hit Massachusetts. Although years have passed, you can see a huge path of trees snapped in two and damaged properties that insurance wouldn't cover. It starting to grow in and change, but the kids still call "broken land" when we drive through.

Our team is basically our Saturday morning run group. As soon as it's safe we'll begin training in earnest - the snow and ice has been awful! There is melting today, but I fear it won't be enough before next weeks arctic blast and predicted snowstorm dump some more. Have I mentioned how much I hate this winter?  28 days until SPRING!!

FITBIT issued a recall. They are still calling it a small percentage of users (1.7%?) but I'm guessing that's for ALL device users and not specifically the FORCE. I think for FORCE users (judging from the volume of complaints) it is much higher. I'm glad that others won't go through what I did this last month. My injury has still not completely healed and I'll probably have a scar.

Vacation is officially OVER. No major mishaps and I'm now mentally preparing for the adjustment back to school life next week. I know there will be a few rough mornings since my oldest has the hardest time getting out of bed. It is undeniably the worst part of my day. Also, the complete lack of any time off through the month of March is pretty darn depressing...though I'm sure there will be a few more snow days if predictions pay out...

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