Thursday, February 20, 2014

Over the Hump

Day 4 of the "Un-Vacation" school vacation begins with the Hubby deciding that he's taking a sick day. I frankly don't care if he's home, but honestly the disruption to the dance I call my day puts me in a little bit of a funk. It also kind of bugs me that his day off is just that - OFF... I already know that he will cook (ugh) and laze around the house "checking email" until his doctor's appointment later this afternoon. He won't think to refill the wood bucket or shovel the ashes from the stove. He won't take the laundry up or sweep the kitchen floor. He won't offer to drive the kids to their activities or pick up a few groceries. And most would say "what a jerk!"  but this man is honestly trapped in his own world... none of these things would ever occur to him. It is a frustrating existence which is why it's a whole lot easier for me to have him "at work" and let me just do what I do without constant reminder that my partner's contribution is mostly just a paycheck.

Kids are actually doing OK. My youngest has been working at horse camp all week bartering for free lessons. Although she won't admit to liking it; I know she does and I know she appreciates the responsibility. My oldest DD has been at home for the most part; bored for the most part; until last night when she went to sleep over at a friends. I hope she'll be there all day because it takes the pressure off of me. I am out of craft ideas and money. We've got to be so tight with the cash this month to recover from the vacation and get ready for the outflow of cash from our kitchen renovation; which takes me to my last bit of angst - the kitchen...

I am conflicted. I want this project DONE but the weather has been horrible. The "surprise" 3 inches yesterday on top of the 11 unexpected inches the day before has me feeling deflated. I didn't even shovel yesterday... I am SO done with shoveling and hoping that the 40 degree weather we get today will melt it all, especially the scary looking ice damns on my roof before they make their way inside... It's all a crap shoot since we are now expecting torrential rain tomorrow... Oh - Kitchen... The cabinet guy wants them out of his warehouse, the contractor hasn't called me back, the space for the dumpster will need to be shoveled out and the packing of the kitchen is at a standstill and things are migrating back in thanks to the need to cook.... IF I just had a date to work towards I would feel better. I'm a planner and it's so hard to plan when things are in flux and I've already over scheduled my weeks in March - Girls weekend, plays, 4-H events, friends visiting...  Lots on my plate and back to artic cold and snow next week.. Should I try to push off the kitchen until the snow is gone? I guess that will not be my decision... I know I will just have to adjust, keep the kids on an even keel and make sure we get to school and work.

Day 11 of WHOLE30. We went to lunch yesterday and my choices were limited to salad and chicken. I eat a lot of salad and chicken... but I am enjoying the fruit. It has taken my mind off of the lack of dairy (although I can't say that I don't miss my lattes) and making my nights less of a struggle. I know filling my sweet need with fruit is not the spirit of WHOLE30, but I am human, and I'm doing everything else... We'll that and I did have a LARABAR the other day.. Coconut pie... nuts and fruit, totally compliant but I am guessing it's not the kind of thing I'd eat every day. I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't see the calories, but from taste I assume there are MANY, but once in a while should be OK. The journey continues...

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