Monday, February 17, 2014

WHOLE30 Day 8 and School Vacation Day 1

UNEVENTFUL except for...

= hives of unknown origin on DD1
= another storm on the horizon
= a call from the Kitchen Store about the cabinets that have been sitting at their warehouse
= a realization that there is very little I can eat out...
= word from my neighbor/friend on our morning walk that her husband is moving out Friday.

The first and last thing on the list have consumed my thoughts.

Other than the walk this morning, I did nothing physical. In fact, I was a complete slug, working on a picture book of our Florida vacation for the family. It really sucks you in and then... its 3 hours later. My food was compliant, but I grazed all day which is NOT the way to do WHOLE30. Sitting at the table. Savoring every bite. I'll work on it.

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