Sunday, March 16, 2014

Drinking a Latte...

I've had dairy - a little butter, whole milk. Last night I had the stuffing out of a homemade cannoli (riccotta or marscapone) and breading on fried calamari. I drank 2 vodka and sodas.

We had friends in from DC and spent the day (lunch and dinner in Boston). I was not in charge. We had fried choices for lunch and dinner was Italian. I had broiled red snapper with a fresh tomato/pinenut/garlic/white wine/butter sauce and escarole. Not WHOLE30, but I ate what I wanted and did not feel tempted to drink - it was after all celebration of St Patrick's Day...

I ran with my sisters and it was GOOD. We walked in Boston 2-3 miles as well, but unfortunately I was wearing boots so my feet are sad today. I am tiring of all the mess at home, but I feel hopeful that our loan will go through fast and the contractor will finish up soon.

The weather was awesome yesterday, but it's back to winter today and for most of next week. I've got another full plate ahead so my goal is to stay focused, keep a cool head and make it through. Although I'm drinking a latte right now, my intention is to eat clean. It is a struggle for sure and I can't tell you how much I want my kitchen to be done!

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