Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Floor is Done and the Cabinets Have Arrived!

So here's the progress...
The floor is in and the cabinets are being unloaded as I write this. They'll be installed tomorrow.  Is that LIGHT I SEE AT THE END OF THIS TUNNEL? We are in the 4th week of a kitchen/first floor renovation, and it is starting to get a little old. Eating out, spending more money than we ever dreamed possible, living in rubble, heating an uninsulated house in the worst winter ever! O-L-D. I have to say that the kids have been great and my poor dog is finally getting used to all the commotion. She typically sleeps all day and has the house to herself.

BUT alas I am weary. I need my house back. I am someone who craves order and things here are anything but orderly.

I am trying to reassess the WHOLE 30 experience. It wasn't that hard; it didn't deprive me. I do want to do it again when the kitchen is open because I REALLY want to cook WHOLE30 and not simply live on greens or LARABARs. There are so many great recipes and flavors and the best thing is SPRING is coming so we'll have some FRESH local veggies. For now, I am back eating a modified diet of some dairy, and fruit, but still no grains and no sugar. It works for me. I think... I have noticed a little "fat" roll, but I think that has more to do with a lack of exercise than my diet.... Again - Spring is coming. I don't know why it's easier, it just is...

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