Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Last Dairy Day - May is WHOLE 30 Month!

I am feeling a little 'fluffy' lately. I have had too many lattes, too much cheese, and the nuts need to take a vacation. I know that food is the biggest part, but exercise is certainly lacking. Last year I was spinning and running far more than I am now. I know that MOJO is lacking, but I'm done with excusing myself - allowing all sorts of life issues to grant me permission to not take care of my body. Vigilance is the key to maintenance. I don't want to be fat again - ever!!

I bought a GROUPON for CrossFit. I'm going to find out what it's all about and along with the introduction, I am going to spend the month of May WHOLE 30. Today is my last day of dairy for a while. I am happy to reign it in and get back the control. I know I feel better. I know it will give me strength. We did 5 miles Saturday and I felt pretty good (even in a torrential downpour). I bought new sneakers that make me fast and if I can just add 6 or so miles during the week I should have a decent base for our TORNADO RELAY in June. I am doing it regardless, but it would be nice to not feel like shit when I finish.

And then we ride - Pan Mass is coming and I am not ready. In fact my bike hasn't been out of the shed yet. Another chapter, another day. One step at a time.

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