Thursday, May 08, 2014

Stumbles and Life

WHOLE 30 is not going as well as it did the last time. First real slip was my anniversary dinner. I had banana cream pie - filling - no crust and vodka sodas. Next slip was CHEESE. I've been too busy to meaningfully grocery shop and that meant nothing to eat on the go... I grabbed sliced pepper cheese 3x. I ate popcorn with my daughter and the last two days I've had milk in my coffee because it was at a conference and that was the only way I could drink it!

I've had too many nuts again and too many Larabars. I've had breading on my chicken. I've had commercial salad dressing which I know was not only olive oil. It's May 8th.... I feel as though I should start again... tomorrow, but then maybe I'll just start right now... except I'm going out to dinner and I know I'm having chilli. I can order without cheese, but I know it will have a few beans and that is NOT allowed. I guess I'll just do my best for now.

I haven't started CrossFit yet because the girl I'm doing it with has postponed, then I had a plan, then... UGH... Eventually we will be on the same page.

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