Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moving Forward - Renovation HELL is almost over...

So. We're nearly there; but not quite... The tile guy left Thursday. I have to seal the grout in a few weeks, fix a small hole in the ceiling, and that's about it. The kitchen finally done. The workmen gone. I can put it all back together - BUT WAIT!  What's that I hear? Water?

In the basement the cast iron sewer pipe has split... like a 4 foot split.... Thank God it was just the wash machine draining and not.... I don't even want to think about it!   The contractor came over with plumbers tape and sealed it up - he'd have his guy there in the morning... No, wait - he's got his Masters Plumbers test - so the day after next... No, wait - He's sick, but he'll definitely be there Monday... What? He didn't show? I'll call you right back.... Hours later... He'll be there first thing in the morning. SEVEN days... and a plumber still coming to fix a major break and a major headache...I have no idea how much it will cost and we are out of money. Like NONE left.

Of course the only thing my husband can think of is selling his stupid motorcycle and buying a new one. He's not worried about paying for camps or putting a dent in the credit cards. That is for me to deal with. It makes me sad that we are not on the same page with this...I figure it will work its way out one way or another. It makes me nauseous.

So we move forward. We went way over budget with unforeseen, but needed to be fixed, old house issues - damage done. We'll work a plan to pay the bills and pay them down. It is scary for me to be in such debt. The sad thing is that it is not a lot - relevant to others in our income bracket. I don't know how they do it!?

Trying to move forward. I am trying to find some MOJO. I ran today. That's a good start. We've got a big race in 6 weeks. I need to ramp it up so I bought a GROUPON for Cross Fit so I'm playing with a coworker for the month of May. It will satisfy my curiosity about this CULT CRAZE and more important will get my butt in shape faster than I can on my own. I want a FIT summer. Cross Fit + Race + Whole30 (round 2) will get me where I want to be by the time PANMASS happens in August. I've got a lot on my plate.

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