Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Low expectations.

I have plans to get my yard mulched, the lawnmower fixed, the laundry put away. I need to dial it down. It probably won't all happen. I am hoping for one section done, hoping my husband will at least make an effort to help; after all it's Mother's Day.

My first Mother's Day was disastrous. I got up expecting Christmas for me... what I got was nothing - honestly nothing. "You're not my mother?!?" was the response with a look of utter confusion. The tears I cried sent dear husband into a frenzy - out the door and to the nearest shopping center to buy something... anything.

I have low expectations.

There are fathers who take their kids shopping for a card at least, something thoughtful at best. My kids are too old to make cards and so there will be no cards. I sent DH to the store last night to refill the gas tank for the grill. Probably seeing the advertising the the plants and flowers overtaking the registers forced a purchase of the most unremarkable hanging plant in a plastic container. Not attractive - and have you not heard how much I hate hanging plants! They require daily watering and they don't last... "I got that for your Mother's Day."

For my mom we are going to a favorite park for a hike. It's called Purgatory Chasm. Everyone is invited, but it's happening at 8 am. I am picking up a box of Joe and some munchkins for the kids. My sister is bringing grown up food. We'll hike, we'll picnic and we'll head home. It will be great. But first I'll have to wake up the kids, keep the husband from changing the plan "Don't you want to go somewhere for breakfast?" The kids will be cranky since they didn't want to go to be last night and won't want to get up this morning, but won't want to be left behind either...

Low expectations.

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