Wednesday, June 04, 2014

The Good-ish Day.

1 grumpy, rude teen goes to school - GOOD

1 pre-pubescent tween cries and mopes because she is sick of school. I drive her. - GOOD

SPIN CLASS for the first time in MONTHS - SO GOOD

Weights - Good

Sucked into TV folding laundry. NOT SO GOOD

Made a good dinner - hoping it will be good

1  grumpy, rude teen wants to purchase and wear a sleeveless dress with a zipper on an all day school trip.... NOT GOOD. Picked up more appropriate, cute, sleeveless dress and pray it fits... GOOD-ISH. Grumpy, rude teen goes to work for the first time in 2 weeks. GOOD

1 tween has big project Dad was supposed to manage... and it's due FRIDAY. NOT GOOD!

DAD won't answer his phone.

Could be my project now... NOT GOOD

Ate Popcorn - NOT SO GOOD

Choosing to be HAppy regardless!  GOOD

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