Thursday, July 31, 2014

Never enough

I am out of my comfort zone; hosting a dinner at my house for some high school friends. I've known these ladies forever.  They don't care what I make, where I live or what I look like. I KNOW this, but I care and I am anxious.

I left work early to buy and prep dinner, quick trip to Home Goods to find 6 matching water glasses and a search through boxes in the basement for wine glasses I've never unpacked. I wish I had nice place mats, cloth napkins, new furniture, a nicer looking garden.

My friends are coming to see me. I know it will be great, but for now whatever I do is not enough to feel satisfied.

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Lyn said...

Hey :)

Just thought I would check in with some old blogging friends today. How you doing? I hope your dinner party went well and you had fun. Take care!