Friday, August 22, 2014

Finally Friday... I am seeing light at the end of the summer tunnel....

School starts WEDNESDAY. Sigh. We have spent our requisite $150 at Staples, selecting very specific folders, notebooks, pencils and dry erase markers... We bought some school clothes (though my youngest still insists that gym shorts are fine), and we're scheming about how to finagle a new lunch box though the 10 we have are really OK. Daughter #1 had her high school orientation and signed up for some clubs. I am very happily surprised with her moods of late. She's been an absolute joy! We met with her counselor Tuesday and she's fine seeing her every other week. I think it gives my girl a lot of confidence - that she's able to take ownership of her illness; she's thinking more about her approach to dealing with her challenges, and it gives me so much hope. I like where she is... Now, if she can just pass her last boating test... That's today.

We've had a BUSY week. Doctors' appointments, Horse camp, show, sailing camp, 4-H Fair, goat fitting this morning and sitting for the neighbor's dog. I feel like I live in my car, but I finally feel like we're over the hump - coordinating schedules, enlisting Grandma when I can't be in two places at once, and it's FRIDAY! This weekend we have the 4-H Fair Sunday for DD2 and church/youth group for DD1. Manageable.

Our finances are still tight and stressful. I still have to call the contractor about problems w/ my kitchen floor and an overdue plumbing inspection, BUT, I can manage for now. AND my sisters and I FINALLY get to have our Saturday exercise/coffee talk back after a 4+ week hiatus. I desperately need a regular exercise schedule. I am feeling chubby and I need to follow another session of THE WHOLE30. I pulled out my FITBIT that I've been hesitant to wear ever since the dreaded FORCE RASH FIASCO and I am going to use it!  I told DD2 that WHOLE 30 starts on the first day of school (8/27). I'm stocking the freezer and cabinets with proper food! NO EXCUSES...

I hate to see summer end, but it's been full and fun and now I just need the break that the regular school year will give me. I can see the light just ahead and the motivation returning!?

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