Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday BLAHS...

The weekend was filled and I feel like I had no rest. I want to lay over for a day or so before I get back on the life bus, but I can't. I have to go to work now so I can run kids from place to place and make sure the house stays in one piece.  We have no groceries to speak of and I don't count the case of ramen and 2 bags of chips that my husband bought Saturday with other assorted junk. When the kids were gone to camp we had a long (and I thought productive) talk. We had discussed the need for "real food", encouraging the kids to eat unprocessed foods, nothing fake, organic if possible. I told him how I wanted him to be around, but healthy as we got older, and how it makes me feel that he doesn't take care of himself. I want to be a role model for our kids and I feel like I am sabotaged by the endless snacks, soda, and offers of food. I know he gets that from his mom. We've got to break the cycle.

So we had this talk and I thought I was heard for the first time in months. And then the kids got home. His plans for the gym out the window, a pint of cold stone with sundae toppings, beers galore, loaded baked potato with a pound of prime rib, chili appetizer and fried pickles. Anyone for desert? I invited him for a walk around the lake with our daughter and the dog. He said "Oh, I thought we could walk to DQ?" in front of my daughter who was all for it!!  Thanks dad!

I won't give up, but I feel like all the communication we had was conducted with someone else - as if my husband is 2 people. All the talk about paying off our bills is great, but that means you can't spend $50 on things we don't need; and you can't order the most expensive thing on the menu for lunch. His order cost more than the rest of us put together!  I know I'm venting. It's Monday.

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