Sunday, August 17, 2014

Jam Day.

We made 44 jars of jam Friday, because we picked 16+ pounds of berries Thursday. Why don't I ever remember how much fruit we need? We just kept picking blueberries until we had filled 3 good sized buckets - 16 pounds... For the small batch jam that works the best for us we use 6 pints of berries, and for the record, 16 pounds is a lot of pints... It took 3+ hours and I was EXHAUSTED. I was proud of my daughter though - she really hung in and even helped dry the dishes when we could finally call it quits.

Not exactly how I would choose to spend my last day with only one child, especially since we had a pot luck dinner and horse games at the barn, followed by a 4 am Saturday wake up for the 6 hour round trip to NH to fetch daughter number 1 at camp. After endless loads of laundry and a husband that's back to square one (after thinking I'd make some in-roads over the last few weeks !?) it's been a very busy weekend. It's Sunday morning and I'm on load 4 of camp laundry and everything still needs to be put away.

The family is still asleep and I am thinking about taking the dog for her first walk at nearly 9 am. I am hoping for a good day though I'm still really concerned about my daughter's transition back to family life - coming down off of 3 weeks away. As I said the husband has regressed - ZERO communication and being less than helpful. I think I have more than one with a mood disorder and it's no fun.

But I've got to stay focused on the kids. One will be at camp and the other - I've lightened her load week, drawn up a schedule so she knows exactly what's expected and I'm hoping for the best. For me, I have to make sure that I exercise and not let the stress pile up. I don't want to fuel the fire. There's so much I worry about.

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