Friday, August 08, 2014

Off to New Hampshire

I have missed my kids a lot this week. The messes, the driving, the drama, the money... yes, I can't wait to have my girls home. We'll ease into it, bringing the youngest back first - the fourteen year old has one more week. We're taking the dog, doing some touristy things on the way and spending the night in a "dog friendly" (hopefully not stinky) motel by the camp. The weather is supposed to be perfect!

So why won't I embrace the day and enjoy? Why do I feel so anxious? It's odd and was not my plan for the day. I thought I might get up, go for a bike ride... instead - I slept in, got up with the husband so I had no time to myself and turned on the TV... The dog still hasn't been out yet. I drank a pot of coffee and my stomach feels it. I feel on the verge... anxious!

Mindful of how I am feeling and not knowing why. Perhaps once we get on the road I'll feel better. I am worried about my dog - she's NEVER been on a long trip. I am worried about my kids (though I know that they are OK). I really can't put a finger on any one thing. I really just want to be alone right now and maybe that's it. The husband has been home all week and I haven't had time to just be alone. Who knows? 

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